Lt Blue 14953 Touch Up Paint for 1966 Fleet PPG Paints

Lt Blue touch up paint for 1966 Fleet PPG Paints Color swatch showing approximate color of Lt Blue 14953
Approximate color of Lt Blue touch up paint.

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PaintScratch custom mixes each paint order to match the original factory color of your vehicle. Because your Fleet PPG Paints is 20+ years old, the paint may have faded, and we cannot guarantee a color match for Lt Blue 14953. There are no refunds on paint ordered for vehicles manufactured before 1986 and we recommend you send us a part for custom matching . We will not remix this paint even if the color does not match.

Color swatch showing approximate color of Lt Blue 14953

Lt Blue
Color Code: 14953

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The vehicle color code will list the paint color exactly so finding it is important. In order to guarantee the accuracy of a color, paint should be ordered based on the color code. Learn where to locate your Color Identification Plate .

Please do not order based on the color you see onscreen. Because computer and phone screens are all different, the color you see on online may not look exactly the same as the paint you receive. For more information, view the FAQ'S .

Always verify your Fleet color code on your vehicle before ordering. Lt Blue may go by several different names and the color sample shown above for 1966 Fleet PPG Paints is approximate.

Anniversary Gold Poly 23048 Anthracite Grey. 4274 Anthracite Topaz 4898 Apple Green DBC-BC 904803 Arancio Atlas Tricoat PPG 0058 Arc White 91508 Arizona Beige Metallic 29221PP Aspen Green 43430 Baby Blue 12077 Bahama Yellow (DAR) 2325 Barracuda Orange 71582 Black 5931 Black 9295 Black 9835 Black 912854 Black 916782 Black T407 Blue 3709 Blue 4515 Blue 4784 Blue 10428 Blue 17041 Blue 190042 Blue 906275 Blue DBC5045 Blue (Catalyzed Spray Only) DCC103838 Blue (Single Stage Only) DAU 14044H Blue Metallic 191517 Bright Amber Mica 61901PP Bright Blue Metallic 3120 Bright Green Metallic 5217 Bright Red 4273 Bright Red 70184 Bright Red 71096 (IMRON 51078) Bright Red 75250 Bright Red DDL75146K Bright Red (Aston Martin Arc-2013) 73269 Bright Red (Catalyzed Spray Only) 942720 Bright Silver DBC4330 Bright Yellow 81634 British Racing Green 44524 Bronze DBC26390 Brown 29109 Burgundy Metallic 73469 Cadet Blue DAU-3611 Champagne Beige (Catalyzed Spray Only) 27189 Champagne Mist (PPG 6161) YR-537P Chestnut Pearl (PPG 5813) 62447 Chrome Yellow 80502 Clay Beige 22470 Clearwater Blue DBC17164 Cobalt Blue DCC 191056 Coral Grey Metallic 25307 Cosmic Gray DBC904977 Cream 90119 Dark Blue 3725 Dark Blue (DAR enamel) 17246 Dark Blue Metallic 16540 Dark Cranberry 73866H Dark Gray 905538 Dark Gray Metallic PPG 0049 Dark Hunter Green 4108 Dark Metallic Grey 952295 Dark Orange 6182 Dark Silver Metallic 303712 DrumBoogie Beige 83317 Electric Blue 910629 Elegant Beige DBU-4487 Fire Orange 60798 Formula Color 14589 Glacier White 98043 Gloss Black 9300 Gloss Black 9700 Gold Metallic 5256 Graphite Gray 35482 Graphite Gray Poly. Metallic 33759 Gray 920526 Graystone (SW63488) 300035 Green 5296 Green 47612 Green DDC46460 Green Leaf (DAR) 2440 Grey Stone 33727 Grigio Ortello 32780 Guardsman Blue 12832 Henley Blue 17717 Hunter Club Red Mica 74283PP Hunter Green DBC2439 Jewel Green DCC4215 Kia Rally Blue Metallic 901812 Light Blue Metallic 17497 Light Blue Metallic DBC15612 Light Bronzemist 5500 Light Khaki Metallic 64023 Light Silver 4519 Light Silver 300892 Lime Green 44003 Lime Twist 46557 Limestone 46251 Limited Gold Metallic 83784 Lt Blue 14953 Mango 83852 Manta Green 935108 Marine Blue 16514 Maroon 24663 Maroon 52535 Medium Blue 14658 Medium Blue 935105 Medium Blue PPG 5819 Medium Garnet Red Metallic PPG DBC51728 SC Medium Green DAU-46262 Medium Metallic Grey 952294 Medium Smoke 33960 Medium Steel Blue 5493 Michigan Blue 191061 Mittelrot 72180 Mocha Frost (Deltron 4282 SHUS52939) 4282 Monte Carlo Yellow. 83460 Moonstone Metallic 5378 Moss Green 4976 Navy Blue Metallic DBC3497 OSHA Blue 19478 Olive 2054 Omaha Orange 60361 Orange 60346 Orange 60913 Pasture Green 40176 Patriot Blue 5512 Persimmon 1453 Persimmon 61453 Pewter 37308 Pink 51588 Platinum (Triumph Motorcycle) 36467 Polychromatic Blue 18213 Prime Beige Metallic 63027 Purple 51512 Red 2258 Red 42510 Red 71650 Red 71663 Red 701729 Red DBC3060 Red DBC4501 Red DCC4451-SC Red (Interior) 71315 Royal Blue DBC15798 Royal Blue Metallic DBC4830 Royal Maroon 51051 Silk Red Mica 701641 Silver 36395 Silver Frost Metallic (U7-54189-20) 5257 Silver Jade Poly 5048 Snow White DCC93158 Spark Blue 908195 Starmist White (Enamel Only) DCC90183 Steppe Green 45209 Storm Blue Metallic 936057 Sunburst Yellow 935106 Tan 25861 Titan Silver 36570 Titanium 36801 Toreador Red Metallic DCB 5138W Ultramarine Blue 920444 White 90150 White 91097 White DBC90433 White DMD1684 White PPG 91327 White 8001 White (RAL 9010 - Water Based) 911667 White Mica Tricoat 5028 Wildfire Red DCC5148 Willow Green 45544 Winter White 90138 Yellow 2414 Yellow DBC81510 Yellow DFHS82009 Yellow MBC 83457

Additional Fleet paint colors may be available, especially interior, trim and wheel colors. Try searching other Fleet PPG Paints years or Submit a color request.

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"I am a repeat customer and the last time, the color was a perfect match. Hence I am back again. the spray was simple and easy to use. Keep UP the great product, while keeping DOWN the price."

J. ChiaFairfax , VA

"Thanks Collin every one in the club says you are the best and you really do stand behind your word. Thanks"

Tim M.Dallas, TX

"Perfect color match, Thank You!"

G.K. - May 2014Minnetonka, MN
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