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Top quality car paint and accessories at great prices

Repairing scratches, dings, and chips with touch up paint is an affordable alternative to taking your car to a repair shop. We offer the highest quality touch up paint and accessories so you can get professional looking results. We work hard to keep our prices as low as possible while providing excellent car paints and customer service. Please find our exact pricing below:

PaintScratch.com Touch Up Paint Product Pricing

Paint Bottles Grouping
These are just pictures of our products. To order, select your vehicle and find your color.


Product Description  Basecoat  Clearcoat  Primer
 1/2 oz. Paint Pen 15.95 9.95 7.95
 1 oz. Paint Bottle 16.95 9.95 7.95
 2 oz. Paint Bottle 24.95 12.95 9.95
 12-12.5 oz. Spray Can 26.95 19.95 13.95
 16 oz. (One Pint) 94.95 39.95 29.95
 32 oz. (One Quart) 159.95 54.95 54.95
 128 oz.(One Gallon) 427.65 149.95 129.95
Rubbing Compound, Tape, Sandpaper, Tack Rags
 2 oz. Rubbing Compound (Cutting Creme) 3.95
 3/4 inch masking tape 4.95
 Sandpaper Pack 3.95
 Tack Rag 2.95
Body Filler Products
 4.5 oz. Spot Putty 4.95
 Flexible Bumper Repair Kit 15.95
 Glaze Coat (30 oz.) 21.95
 Lite Weight Autobody Filler (.75 quart) 14.95
 Three plastic spreaders 2.95
Solvents and Other Primers
 2 oz. Acrylic Lacquer Thinner 2.95
 2 oz. Wax and Grease Remover 2.95
 4 oz. Rust Away 9.95
 10 oz. Rust Converter (Spray Can) 17.95
 11.3oz. SEM Adhesion Promoter (Spray Can) 18.95
 12 oz. Flat Black Trim Paint (Spray Can) 11.95
 11.8 oz. Catalyzed Clearcoat (Spray Can) 22.95
 12 oz. Clear Coat Blender (Spray Can) 14.95
Safety Products
 Small 3M Dual Cartridge Respirator 25.95
 Medium 3M Dual Cartridge Respirator 25.95
 Large 3M Dual Cartridge Respirator 25.95
 Spray can trigger sprayer 4.95

Tricoat Paints

All tricoat paints are composed of a basecoat followed by a tinted midcoat and finally clearcoat. If you order a tricoat paint (the word "tricoat" will be in the paint name) you are shipped the basecoat and the midcoat in separate cans so the pricing below includes both. Pricing for tricoats is as follows:

Product Description  Tricoat
 1/2 oz. Paint Pen 31.90
 1 oz. Bottle 33.90
 2 oz. Bottle 49.90
 12 oz. Spray Can 53.90
 16 oz. (One Pint) 189.90
 32 oz. (One Quart) 319.90
 128 oz. (One Gallon) 855.30
Prop 65 Warning Symbol California residents, please see Prop 65 information here.

Shipping/Handling Charges

The first bottle or paint pen of paint ordered is 6.95 for shipping/handling. Additional containers of paint are $1.00 shipping each. Spray cans ship FedEx/UPS and the first spray can is 11.95 for shipping/handling. Additional spray cans are $1.00. Extra items ordered (such as sandpaper, rubbing compound, etc.) adds an additional $1.00 per item except when ordered on the PaintScratch Store where each item has it's own shipping charge.

Spray cans to Hawaii, Alaska and US Territories ship via surface mail (USPS Parcel Post). Spray cans cannot ship by air.

International Shipments
The only products we can ship to international addresses are the paint pens and 1oz. and 2oz. size of basecoats, midcoats, clearcoats and primer. We cannot ship any other products to these addresses! All international orders are charged an additional 9.95 for shipping. In addition, there may be customs and/or brokerage fees due from your country and/or carrier. All international shipments to countries outside the United States are sent via the United States Postal Service. Delivery can take up to two months in some countries. Check with your local postal system for approximate shipping times for an estimate before ordering.

Example One
You order:
1 1/2 oz. Paint Pen Basecoat  @ 15.95 each
1 1/2 oz. Clearcoat @ 9.95 each Your bill would be as follows:
1- Paint Pen Basecoat (1/2 oz.) 15.95
1- Clearcoat (1/2 oz.) 9.95
Shipping 6.95
Total  32.85

Example Two
You order:
2 1/2 oz. Paint Pen Basecoat @ 15.95 each
1 1/2 oz. Clearcoat @ 9.95 each
1 2 oz. Primer @ 9.95 each
2 12 oz. Basecoat Spray Can @ 26.95 each
2 12 oz. Clearcoat Spray Can @ 19.95 each
(Total of 2 different paint colors) Your bill would be as follows:
 2-Paint Pen Basecoat Paint (1/2 oz.) @ 15.95 31.90
 1- Clearcoat (1/2 oz.) @ 9.95 9.95
 1- Primer (2 oz.) @ 9.95 9.95
 2-Basecoat Spray Paint  (12 oz.) @ 26.95 53.90
 2-Clearcoat Spray 12 oz. @ 19.95 39.90
 Shipping 0.00
Total 145.60

In the example above, you ordered over $99 so shipping is free!

Multiple Color Orders
Our order form only lets you select one paint color at a time. If you need to order more than one color, follow these steps.
  • Select the color you wish to order.
  • Use the order form on the next page to select which products to order.
  • Add these items to your shopping cart.
  • Continue shopping by selecting the next Year and Make followed by the Model.
  • Select the next paint color and order the products on the order page.
  • Continue ordering as many colors as you need and add them to your shopping cart.
  • Once you are done, proceed to Checkout. All the orders will be combined.

Shipping Method
Paint pens, small paint bottles and other non-aerosol products are shipped  via the USPS under their ORM-D regulations for hazardous materials. All applicable USPS 343 requirements are met. Spray cans and larger sizes of paint are shipped via FedEx/UPS under their ORM regulations.

Note on our Pricing
There are tens of thousands of automotive colors and stocking all of them would be extremely expensive. Therefore, each bottle of PaintScratch touch up paint is custom made when you place your order and this results in a higher price. You will receive the same quality automotive paint and color used originally on your vehicle.

You should note that all colors require a clearcoat applied over the paint  to make the color shine and make the color match properly. See the sections on colors and tips for more information.

Primer is only needed if the chip/scratch has penetrated down to the metal. Once you find your color on our site, you can order the paint at our secure web site using your credit card.

Discounts The following discounts will apply for multiple orders. The orders must be for the same color and size.
Quantity Ordered Discount
10-2010% off
21-10015% off
100+20% off
Please place your order using our website and put in the comments section, Apply Discount. We will adjust the pricing of the order according to the table above.
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Customer Testimonials

D.F. - May 2014
Virginia Beach, VA
"It was easy to use, if my paint is good, I will use you again."
A.J. - May 2014
Sacramento, CA
"Just wanted to let you know that an order I received for WG2 touch up matched perfectly, unlike the dealer stuff. I will definitely recommend your business. Thanks"
L Goetz
Evesham , NJ

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