Customer Service and Returns

We only accept color samples for color match and order problems for 75 days from the date you placed your order. Please check the color match and make sure your order is complete.
All sales are FINAL after 75 days. It is your responsibility to check all other items during this period.

If the color did not match your vehicle, please follow the instructions below and fill out the underlying form. (You must notify us within 75 days of the original order placement or you will not be able to submit the form below.) Please work with us. We are almost always able to resolve the problem by additional information or resending you a new paint order. You will need to send a sample brush or spray out of the paint (on the enclosed sample card or use a business card) back to us so we can compare the paint we sent with the original factory chip.

If you have a question or comment, please visit our Help Center.

Spray cans

Spray out a sample of the paint using full wet coats and let the paint dry for at least 15 minutes between coats. Next apply several coats of clearcoat.

Touch up Bottles and Paint Pens

Send us a sample at least 1" square.

Pre-2005 and Less Common Vehicles

We will not remix paint on pre 2005 vehicle colors even if the color did not match. We will try our best to mix the paint, but due to changing toners and age, we recommend custom matching.. There are no refunds.

We will not remix paint for the following Makes even if the paint does not match. as we have no color chips to check our formula. There are no refunds.

Alfa-Romeo, Alumacraft, American-Coach, Austin, Beaver, Bentley, BMC, BMW-Motorcycles, Citroen, Coachmen-RV, Corbin, Ducati, Edsel, Ferrari, Fiat, Fleet, Fleetwood, Forest-River, Fountain, Four-Winns, Freightliner, Fujidesign, Harley-Davidson, Honda-Motorcycle, International, Isata, Itasca, Lamborghini, Lancia, Lotus, Lund, Maserati, MG, Morgan, Newmar, New Holland, Packard, Pantera, Peugeot, RAL, Renault, Rolls-Royce, Rover-Sterling, RV-Other, Triumph, Winnebago, Yamaha

Wheel and Interior Colors

Because these colors are nearly impossible to find color codes for, we will not remix the paint or offer refunds for wheel and interior paint even if they do not match. Order the smallest amount possible on your first order.

To: PaintScratch Team:
Thanks, the second try was a perfect match. I appreciate you taking the time to get it right instead of just saying my paint had faded or worse. A satisfied customer.

R. Stephens
67 Camaro, Code YY

Custom Matching

For pre-2005 and the less common vehicles listed above, we recommend custom matching. Custom hand paint matching is ideal on vehicles where the color code is missing or the vehicle has been repainted with an unknown color. The procedure is to send us a small painted part of the vehicle. We will then hand match the part and send the paint and part back to you. We offer hand matching for $35.00 or free computer matching, which is close, but not as good as hand matching.

Where to send your painted sample card:
San Leandro Color
Attn: Ruth Toovey
555 E. 14th St.
San Leandro, CA 94577

Refunds for "Paint Unavailable" Colors

Some colors shown on our website may be discontinued. We will issue a refund for any colors we cannot make. (Pre 2005 colors, even if they are way off, are not refundable under any circumstances. We have numerous warnings before you order!)

Verifying Your Color Code

We try to maintain an accurate list of colors on our website for each Year, Make and Model of vehicle. However, if you want to be sure you ordered the correct paint, you must verify the paint code on your vehicle. We are not responsible for paint ordered without checking your color code and there are no returns or refunds for the wrong paint. (Unless we advised you this was the correct paint based on our research.)

Pay particular attention to interior, trim and cladding colors as often, these are not coded anywhere on the vehicle. There are many more interior, trim, striping and cladding colors and we only list some of them. Often, these colors have no color code at all and the only way to find them is by borrowing our color books or sending us a sample part.

Testing the Color Match

ALWAYS test the paint before applying it to your vehicle! You are responsible for making sure the paint matches by testing the color BEFORE you apply it to your vehicle! If the color is off, the clearcoat  or the primer WILL NOT HELP to make the color match better! If you apply the paint to your vehicle and it doesn't match, you will have to wash it off with automotive lacquer thinner or worse, if you allow it to thoroughly dry, you will have to sand it off.

Metallic and tricoat paints can be difficult to match and should be blended into adjacent panels. If you are ordering a tricoat paint, you MUST read about tricoats before ordering!

Sending Orders Back to PaintScratch

Do not send your order back to PaintScratch expecting us to refund your money. We will refuse the shipment or just send it back to you at your expense. Any returned merchandise that you wish to send to PaintScratch MUST be approved by a staff member of You must enclose the confirming email from PaintScratch authorizing you to return the merchandise.

The reasons for the paint not matching could be one of the following:

  • The vehicle was repainted with another color.
  • The vehicle's paint has faded due to sunlight exposure, acid rain or other causes.
  • You did not send us your VIN so we sent you the most popular formula. (1995 vehicles and up)
  • The order was mixed up with another customer.
  • The paint was mixed incorrectly.
  • You gave us the wrong color code.
  • You gave us the wrong address and it was returned

Paint Problems and Solutions

1) The color is way off. You ordered green paint but received blue. This is either due to an incorrect color code or an order mix-up with another customer. Verify your color code, check the paint bottle you received and fill out the form below and check the appropriate box. We will send you out a new order.

2) The color is just slightly off. This could be due to incorrect paint formulation, paint fading or repainting. Let us know if it is too light or too dark. Also, make sure you check the match against the interior door jambs as this is a good test to see how good the match really is. However, even the interior door jamb paint will fade over time so this check is only useful on late model vehicles.

3)  Damaged or missing orders will be replaced immediately at no charge. This includes spray cans that do not spray properly, damaged items, etc.

4) If the paint does not match the sample paint color chip we have on file, we will send you a new paint order. You must give us the opportunity to try again. 

5) If the paint matches our paint color chip perfectly, then your vehicle was probably repainted, has faded or you gave us the wrong color code. Check your color code again and have a qualified auto body technician determine if your vehicle was repainted. Please contact us with any new information. We will see if we can rectify the problem. You may need custom matching.

Replacement Paint due to Customer Error (no VIN sent, wrong color code given, order mistake, etc.)

If you did not send us your VIN or simply made a mistake on the order form, chose the wrong color or didn't verify you color code and ordered the wrong paint, you will need to place a new order. There are no refunds for the incorrect paint ordered.

No Guarantees

We do NOT GUARANTEE your vehicle will be improved by using our touch up paint! Our advice to you is to hire professionals who have years of experience in paint and body work. Your vehicle could end up looking worse due to poor painting preparation, poor technique, incorrect color match, etc. PaintScratch ONLY sells the paint and will not be responsible for how you apply the paint. It is up to you to learn how to apply the paint properly to improve the appearance of your vehicle.

International Orders

All international orders are charged an additional $9.95 for shipping. In addition, there may be customs and/or brokerage fees due from your country and/or carrier.

All international shipments to countries outside the United States are sent via the United States Postal Service. Delivery can take up to two months in some countries. Check with your local postal system for approximate shipping times for an estimate before ordering.

Shipping Times.

Orders are normally shipped within five business days but during our busy season (Spring and Summer), up to ten business days. Orders are processed in the order they are received.


You cannot return the custom made paint. Once you order the paint, you will not be able to cancel the order.

We will not refund your money for the custom made paint because...

  • You decided not to use the paint.
  • Found it cheaper elsewhere.
  • Found it was covered by your warranty.
  • Decided to sell or trade the vehicle.
  • You were unhappy with the repair work. i.e. It did not come out the way you thought it should.
  • You did not like the paint.
  • You have decided to have someone else do the work.
  • You have changed your mind or for ANY OTHER REASON.
  • All paint sales are final. Once you have placed an order, it cannot be cancelled for ANY reason. Our paint techs often work seven days a week and can begin working on your order immediately. Even if it's 3AM on Sunday morning, don't assume our techs are not working!
  • Please note: If you still try to cancel and tell us you will just refuse the package, you will be charged the full basecoat fee ($26.95 for each spray can, $15.95 for each paint pen, etc.) per custom paint product ordered.

In addition, there are no refunds for mis-matched paint even if we sent you the wrong paint. We will resend the correct paint at no charge. We often begin working on your order as soon as we receive it. Each order is custom made and cannot be simply put back on the shelf to sell to the next customer. With thousands and thousands of automotive colors, we probably won't have a customer for your paint on a timely basis.

What you can Return

Most of our other products can be returned as long as they are unused. We will refund your money less the original shipping and handling charge. Please make sure you follow all applicable USPS and FedEx/UPS hazardous material shipping regulations. Please email us in advance with any products you plan to return. Remember, we do not give refunds on custom made paint portion of your order so do not return the paint to us. Even if you have not used the paint.

Free Shipping and Returns

If you return items from an order which originally had free shipping and now the order total has dropped below $149.00 due to the returned items, you will be charged our normal shipping fees which will be deducted from your refund.

Order Refusals

If you refuse a paint shipment from us because you have decided you did not want the paint, you will not be given a refund. There are no exceptions to this.

Final Thoughts

Mixing touch up paint is a very demanding process and each order takes considerable time and effort. We don't just pull paint pre-mixed off the shelf. Each order must be custom made by a trained technician. Yes, we occasionally make color matching mistakes and we will do our best to rectify the situation. We will take the necessary steps to ensure the paint we send you matches our factory color chips.

Trouble Ticket Submission Form

This must be filled out within 75 days of the original order date!
Do not use the ticket system below if you want to return clearcoat, primer, etc. (items other than mixed paint) Use our Contact Form instead.

If you ordered the wrong color, do not fill out this form! We cannot exchange the paint (all paint is custom made to order) and you must place a new order.
For general questions and comments, please use our Contact Form.

The form below should only be used for order problems

E-mail Address:**
Invoice Number: (A six or seven digit number)
 ** Make sure this is the same email address you used to place the order!
The paint I received is too light.
The paint I received is too dark.
The paint I received is completely different from what I ordered.
The paint does not match my interior door jambs. (late model only!)
I have verified my color code on my vehicle and it is the same as the color code I ordered from you.
The items below are missing or I received the wrong order.
The items below are damaged.

Additional Comments/Information:

PaintScratch Color Match Guarantee Badge
PaintScratch is an American Business
PaintScratch offers free shipping on all orders over $99!

Customer Testimonials

"Thanks for all your assistance in this matter. Your regular e-mail correspondence has been reassuring and representative of the great customer service your company provides."
K. Fogarty
Athens, GA
"Thanks Collin every one in the club says you are the best and you really do stand behind your word. Thanks"
Tim M.
Dallas, TX
"Received touch up paint several days ago. It was a perfect match. I wish I had found your company months earlier. Thanks"
R. Freddi
Forest Hills , NY