Customer Reviews and Testimonials

These comments were all unsolicited (They have been used with the owners permission)

My happiness with your product!
"I own a 1967 Cadillac Eldorado with the rare and hard to match Crystal Firemist green. This unusual factory color appears to glow and will actually change hues as the sun rises and sets. Well, the paint challeneges didn't hinder paintscratch. Your touch-up paint color match was a direct hit! I will be sure to share your name with other vintage car owners! Thank you so much."

P Binder
Chicago , IL
Your service is amazing!
"I ordered your paint on tuesday, shipped wednesday and here on friday?!?!?! WOW thats all i have to say and the best thing is that the paint matches PERFECTLY. I was quoted to have my rear bumper repainted for some minor scrapes for 300-400 but with a 40 dollar investment, the marks are barely visible now. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!"

G Hsu
Seattle , WA
"Fantastic product! Excellent service! Color match on the original order was perfect, just wish I had bought enough paint the first time! Thank You."

R Messina
Grand Prairie , TX
"Thanks for the shipment. The paint matches perfectly, and for a fraction of the price if I would have to get it mixed from a local body shop, not to mention spraying equipment rental. Thanks, and keep up the good work."

K Babu
Troy , NY
"I just wanted to say thank you for providing such a great product/service. I just received my paint order this past week and decided to do some touch-up work on the stone chips on my car. To my surprise, the paint you sent me was an EXACT match. I couldn't believe it! I thought I would be close but not perfect. Sure enough, it is. Therefore, let me say thank you once again for everything! Furthermore, should I need anymore paint, or if any of my friends need something in that regard we will be sure to give you our business in the future."

S. Schembri
Mississauga , ON Canada
"Recently I purchased a BRAND NEW CAR, within 24 hours of owning my new car one of my three children put a 10 inch scratch (down to the metal) on my new car with the handle bar of his bike. I was horrified, nothing like spending $28,000 on a car and having it keyed within 24 hours. I ordered one of your paint pens and clear coat to match my paint. I had the paint within three days, and it worked perfect. You would have to look REALLY hard to ever see there was a scratch there. Even I, knowing it was there, have to look REAL hard to find it. I just wanted to thank you for saving the paint job on my brand new car."

M. Pipkin
Boerne , TX
dear paint scratch
" just a quick note to let you know my order arrived sat (8-10)THANKS for the quick service. The paint is just about a perfect match. i need to buff out some of the sections of the car as we restore the paint and your product blends right in once the car is buffed out."

m truman
Camarillo , CA
"I can't believe how fast I received the products I ordered. I also appreciate your e-mails to confirm my order and shipping date. I will highly recommend your site. I'm going to fix the scratch this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes. I already know that the paint is a perfect match because I put some on a piece of paper, put the clear coat over it and took it outside and compared. I was a little concerned because it didn't look like the right color when I was inside. But couldn't tell the difference."

C. Keane
Miami, FL
"Concerning order invoice 105161. I used it today to paint some minor fender bender repair and some rust repair on my 71 VW bus which had been painted with the Ford paint by MAACO some time back when I didn't have time to finish the job myself. The match was exceptionally good. You cannot tell where I did the work, which of course speaks well of my amateur body working ability as well. The match couldn't have been closer if we had taken it to a paint shop and used one of their high priced machines to make the match."

T. Klopfenteinnt
Mobile , AL
"I just wanted to say how pleased I am with your product. I ran the front end of my '89 Nissan 240SX over a parking curb and left nasty scuffs. It was almost impossible to find paint for the job until I found your website. Your paint matched the color perfectly and your spray can made the job simple. My car looks brand new! Thanks a million."

Rob R.
Spotsylvania, VA
"I received my paint today and the color is a very good match. Thank you very much."

Mark G
Kailua-Kona, HI

W. Phillipy
Camp Hill, PA
"I have used your product many times & it is always on the money."
E. Pierce
Bennington , VT
"I really like your product. I was surprised on how well the paint matched my car considering that it faded over time. Great job."

S. Elliott
Lombard , IL
"I can't believe the expediency of your service. I will spread the word, concerning your great service."
A. Luna
Humble, TX
"Thanks Collin every one in the club says you are the best and you really do stand behind your word."
Tim M.
Dallas, TX
"Received touch up paint several days ago. It was a perfect match. I wish I had found your company months earlier."
R. Freddi
Forest Hills , NY
"This is my second order from your company. A few weeks ago I ordered paint, clearcoat and rubbing compound for my wife's car. The work came out better than any touch up job I have done in the past. Your product is exceptional and your instructions are very helpful."
S Scharf
Beachwood , OH
"I received the paint today- it is perfect- absolutely a perfect match."
Thanks a lot.
A. Merulla
Montgomery Village, MD
"Excellent as usual! Ordering by paint kit is a great addition, less thinking involved ;) and I'm sure the results will be as good as they have been in the past."
Thanks again!
Ron M.
Chesterfield , VA
"Just wanted to let you know that an order I received for WG2 touch up matched perfectly, unlike the dealer stuff. I will definitely recommend your business."
L Goetz
Evesham , NJ
"Hi, I just received the new bottle of paint. It is perfect and I want to thank you for fixing this. I am 100% satisfied with your service and product (handling problems properly is what makes the service great). Thanks again."
Amherst, MA
"Your paint works great!!! Recommend to friends who like to take on little projects. I painted my license plate bracket to match my VW GTI and painted the engine cover too. It looks great! let me know if you want pics?"

J. Vogel
Louisville , KY
"I am a repeat customer and the last time, the color was a perfect match. Hence I am back again. the spray was simple and easy to use. Keep UP the great product, while keeping DOWN the price."

J. Chia
Fairfax , VA
"Received your touchup kit and could not be more pleased with the results. Great product, and will definitely recommend to anyone in need of touchup paints and supplies"

A. Vulpis
Franklin, NCI
"I received my order today, the color is exact. Great job! I was a little skeptical about getting touch-up paint this way, but you guys were right on the money."

R. Arcadipane
Brooklyn, NY
"Thanks for all your assistance in this matter. Your regular e-mail correspondence has been reassuring and representative of the great customer service your company provides."

K. Fogarty
Athens, GA
"I purchased a can of your spray paint to fix the mess that the shopping cart made. The spray can was quick and simple to use and the paint matched the car's paint perfectly. Great product."

I. Mathison
New York, NY
"Just wanted you to know that I used your primer, touchup paint, clearcoat on my car's scratches. I'd never done this before, but was very pleased with the results. I even received a compliment on it! "
P. Beans
West Chester, PA
"I never thought I could match up the paint on my classic 1966 Chrysler New Yorker. you did it. You provide a great service and I'll tell my friends at my next car club meeting about your products."
1000 thanks!
C. Gray
Bellflower, CA
"I just wanted to take the time to tell you how awesome your product is. I recently ordered a can of spray paint for a minor touch up to my vehicle and your product is a perfect match! Although higher than most other products, it's worth the price. I was recently disappointed by another company claiming to provide a perfect match for touch-up paint. However, it did not even compare to the quality and matching of your product. I am very satisfied with the product and will recommend you to friends."
J. Malone
Los Angeles, CA
"Just wanted to let you know that you have the most user friendly website for auto touch-up paint that I have found. I was looking for the name of the paint color of my '96 T-bird and no other website made the information I needed so easily accessible. I've bookmarked this page for future use. We have two cars, two trucks and my husband is now building a hot rod. I gotta feeling I'll be back to shop here real soon. Great site!"
Penny B.
Kingsburg, California
"Recently I ordered paint for my 1975 Burgundy Chevy Caprice and I wanted to inform you that the color match is perfect. I am amazed that you can deliver a closely matching product for a 27 year old vehicle!"
Thank you!
A. Rodin
Flower Mound , TX
"I am absolutely amazed at the level of customer support you provide. I have never had the pleasure of experiencing such commitment prior to working with you. I will not hesitate to recommend your services to everyone I know. I am a member of several auto clubs and will be sure to let members know of my experience. I have already referred several people to you and at least one order has been placed thus far. I sincerely wish you the best in your business. Keep up the great work! Thank you again for your help."

D. Gittsovich
Plymouth , MN
"I purchased your Black Crystal Clearcoat for my 99 Dodge Dakota and found your product works great with the Langka kit I purchased. It would be easier if I could purchase the clear and color coat already mixed. Can you do this? I need it for my wifes car."
T. Holman
Danville, VA
"You guys are the best! I stumbled upon your site by accident when I was searching for touch up paint. Boy am I glad I did. I was skeptical at first so I bought some touch up paint from my local auto store. Tried their paint on an out of sight area and the results were horrible, the paint was too dark and you could clearly see the difference between the original and the touch up paint. After receiving my order you guys I tried your paint and was blown away. Perfect match and you could not tell the difference between the original and the touch up. Thank you for such great service and quality. From now on I will be getting all my touch up paint from you guys."

A. Vorostsev
Brooklyn Park, MN
"It's Perfect! I have tried without success for some time to find the color of my vehicle. So when I placed my order. I was less than optimistic about matching the color. The paint was from the correct year and vehicle type and the code started with the only letters (NC).I could find on the vehicle. I applied a small amount inside the door.It was such a perfect match I had trouble finding where it had been touched up. Great job"
R. Bernier
Saco , ME
Thanks guys
"I'm doing RUF bumpers on my 911, and your stuff allows it to be essentially unnoticeable without having a body shop paint it (last guy had my rear decklid for two weeks and still fricked up the color.) In this picture, the car was painted about a year ago. I used your paint for the rear spoiler. Even up close, you cannot tell I actually used your spray can paint (following instructions) to do it!"

K. Bingham
Reseda, CA
"Thank you very much for your merchandise. The color matched perfectly on my car. Even my husband was amazed and pleased! Your company was an extreme pleasure to do business with. The order was processed fast and it was delivered promptly. I was also stunned to see all the confirmation e-mails that was sent to me by your company on the order, the process and the delivery date with a tracking number. Your company is very well organized and extremely helpful with any questions that I had before I ordered your merchandise. I e-mailed your company with questions and the very next day receive an e-mail from Collin Harris who was extremely helpful. I will definitely recommend you to everyone that I know."
God Bless
S Jones
Huntington, WV
"I ordered a spray can of paint and clear coat to repair a scuff on the front bumper of my 1993 Civic Si. It took me a few months before actually completing the repair (had to wait for warm weather and a free weekend). Well, my patience was well worth it! I had never expected the repair to come out as good as it did. My wife can't even tell where the new paint was blended in with the old.The paint color matched perfectly. I honestly don't think a professional repair shop could have done much better. I am definitely using if we get scratches on our 2002 WRX. (Yes, I am so impressed that I would use your paint on a new car). Great job on a superior product! I will never again buy factory touch up paint. A very happy customer"

Alex Yuan
Saint Louis, MO
"I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how happy I am with your service. Last year I ordered paint for my 71 Barracuda (GY8 Gold Leaf Metallic), and it was a PERFECT match. This year my 69 Chrysler Needed Touch Up and you and your team AGAIN matched up the paint PERFECTLY (F5 Green Metallic).Thanks again for the great work and service. I will recommend you over and over again."

J. Chisesi
"Just wanted to drop a quick line and say I was very impressed with the quick and satisfying service I received from PaintScratch. Never thought you would match the color on my 1980 Yellow Corvette so closely, especially since it is the original paint job. Congratulations on a fine internet service."

W. Nerz
New York, NY
"I would like to thank the professionals at for their diligent effort to match the paint on my 1978 Lotus Esprit. After the first attempt was not correct, they made arrangements to have the paint picked up at not cost to me and quickly corrected the problem. The result was a perfect match. Again many thanks for a job well done."

R. Baxendale
Walnut Creek, CA
"Thanks for the great product you sent me, when I applied a couple of coats on the door edge and moldings it was a perfect match ... : ) 1996 Dodge Caravan ES, Deep Hunter Green Pearl Clearcoat G8/SG8. Keep Up the Great Work !!!"

A Koza
Suffern , NY
"I recently received my order of a 12.5 oz. spray can Spruce Green Metallic Clearcoat FS/M6860 and 12.5 oz. clear for my 2000 Crown Victoria. I have to say that the color match is absolutely perfect and that it was a fast delivery. I am very happy with my order and your service and will recommend your business to my friends"

S. Stinchcomb
Atlanta, GA
"Just wanted to say I'm very happy with the paints I ordered from you. The paints match just about perfect and the instructions on your website are very through. I would recommend your company to friends who are looking for a high quality touchup paint. Fast shipping, handling is a little pricey, thanks again."

L. Siciliano
"I wanted to commend you on your great products and services. I expeditiously received my touch-up paint and it was a perfect match to my original color! I will enthusiastically recommend your products to my friends and family. Keep up the great work!"
B Jackson
Fremont, CA
"In normal cases I usually don't take the time to write a letter, but I felt this was a perfect opportunity to give you some feedback. We recently purchased 2 cans of color match for a 1992 GMC truck. I just wanted to say that the paint was perfect!!!! The color was an exact match, the clearcoat was awesome. I appreciate the quick shipping and the excellent service received. Your follow up e-mails when my order shipped was above and beyond what I expected. I am very pleased with your company and your products, great job to all.......see you again when I start my next project. Thanks again"

R. Weaver
Colorado Springs, CO
"Just wanted to let you know that an order I received for WG2 (1999 Chrysler Cirrus, Light Cypress Green Pearl Clearcoat) touch up matched perfectly, unlike the dealer stuff. I will definitely recommend your business."
L. Goetz
Evesham , NJ
"Very impressed with color match for a hard to find color for my father in law's car.He's very pleased with results. Father in law couldn't believe it matched so well Will definitely return in the future as the need arises."
J. Gerber
Louisville , KY
"Hello. I searched for my paint color and filled out the order form successfully, but I can't find the other color I need. Please help--I would like to order some additional paint from you soon. Thank you! (By the way, I've tried several other sites for touchup paint and your search screens are by far the most comprehensive and useful. Good work!)"

J. Sayre
Olympia, WA
"Just received my order. It matched my 87 Mazda RX7 perfectly! I am doing damage control to the exterior for now until a total restore job next year. Finding a color match at the usual places has been.... you can imagine. Can I order a pink/quart quantity for my airbrush work?"

T. T Tuntland
Bourbonnais, VA
"I looked everywhere for touch-up paint for my new Chevrolet Suburban and could not find anyone who had Redfire Metallic. I went to the General Motors website and they suggested I order the paint through your website. I found the exact shade of paint within two minutes. I placed my order, and it only took a few days to come to my mailbox."

C. Corzoni
Denver, CO
"Recently, I needed some touch-up paint for my car and was told by the dealer that the color was backordered and wouldn't be available for several months! Checking the Internet, your web-site caught my interest and I decided to give you a try. I was very pleasantly surprized to receive my order so quickly and, what's even better, the color match to the original finish was perfect! Also, your on-line application instructions were informative and easy to follow. Thank you for your fine product and service. Be assured that I would not hesitate to recommend your company to my friends."

J. Kalinowski
Rahway, New Jersey
"Just wanted to say thank you. I took my time painting it and it looks great! A very close match. That mid-coat can be tricky to apply!"
Thanks again!
S. Maleki
Clermont , FL
Hello Paint Scratch
"I just got around to using my touch up paint today and I just want to say that color match is excellent! I will purchase from your company again."

D. Romsey
Uniontown , OH
"There have been postings regarding Ford interior touch-up paint in spray cans. I have discovered that it is next to impossible to locate a local automotive paint and body supply store that produces individual spay cans any longer (environmental liability concerns). As I recently needed some matching interior paint (dark graphite) for my 2000 F150, I did a search on the Internet. I located a reputable firm by the name of Paint Scratch which will manufacture spray cans or touch-up bottles on an individual basis. You can check out their website at You can order directly from their website, paint codes and sample colors being shown. If you don't see your color, drop them an e-mail and they will give you a prompt reply. Hope this helps anyone who might be looking for exterior/interior touch-up paint (spray or bottle). Their prices are not inexpensive, but, as noted, availability of colors is excellent and their delivery time is also excellent."

C. Behtel
Des Moines, IA
"Wow, I'm not accustomed to getting this kind of immediate response to comments on a mundane order form. It's after midnight on a Sunday night. Don't you guys ever sleep? I'm impressed. As to the paint, the Yukon Yellow used in by Volkswagen in 1968 and possibly earlier was a Yellower paint, according to the paint chips photos on the internet. But it had a different reference number, L1009. By comparing my paint job with the paint chips online, and your excellent site, I am certain that the L19 K Yukon Yellow is correct. Thanks again for the unbelievable response, you obviously care about what you do."

J. Pickens
Shamong, NJ
"I was hesitant to try fixing a scratch in the middle of the rear quarter of my new car( Mitsubishi 2003 eclipse) I've never had any luck with after market touch up paints, but gave your product a try. Result!! A perfect match!! Even in the sun I cant tell where I've repaired my paint.(Silver, A very hard color to match) A great product, worth every penny."
G. Gorski
Chesterfield Twp, MI
"I had to write and let you know that after receiving my order of (1) spray can of Dark Bronzemist Metallic and (1) spray can of Clear Coat I have never been so impressed with a product! I had a dealer custom mix a can for me and tried it verses yours with NO CONTEST! Your paint was an EXACT match and the custom paint from the dealer a far cry from the cars color! Great job! Well worth the money!"
Thanks Again!
J Backlund
Yardville ,NJ
"In an era when good service seems like an anomaly, it's really refreshing to have an experience like I've had with your company. The paint arrived today; it's a perfect match to the vehicle. Just as important to me is the quick service and the make it right attitude reflected in the willingness to assist with problems. Best wishes for the success of your company."

F. Wuensche
Houston, TX
Hi Collin
"Wanted to let you know I finally spray painted my bumper last weekend. The paint was a perfect match and the bumper looks great! I would've never dreamed I could've done so well. It looks almost as though I had taken it to a professional."

M. Biles
Decatur, AL
Hello Collin!
"I received my shipment of touch-up paint today by UPS and am very pleased with the match. Thank you for keeping in touch with me regarding method of shipping to Canada and status of my order. I will highly recommend PaintScratch to any of my friends who are in need of your services.Thanks!"
T. Dosdall
Sherwood Park, AB Canada
"I wanted to drop you a short note to tell you that you hit a home run with the paint you sent me for my 98 Audi. I repainted one of the lower panels last night and the color was dead on!!!!! You folks do good work...very good work!!"
D. Durbin
Morgantown, WV
"I got my order today, the paint is a dead-on match. The tracking feature is a great and the order arrived as scheduled. The information provided regarding the use and what to do if the paint does not match is also a great feature. Thank you very much for your great service."

F. Valenzuela
Louisville , KY!
Dear PaintScratch
"I received my order in a timely fashion and am sending this to let you know that the match was perfect and I am a satisfied customer. You encourage your customers to contact if the paint is off color, but I am contacting to say job well done. After receiving your products and doing the repair, I find that chips and scratches will no longer bother me as much now that I can take care of them when they occur. Thank you. Here's wishing you continued success."

Media, PA
"I am writing because rarely am I impressed with products or service these days and you guys are impressive. You responded personally to a request for instructions, you notified me not only of my order status but also how to make my return if advance! And, hey, the paint matches perfectly. This scratch had really bugged me and I didn't want to spend the bucks I was being quoted. This has been a great solution. By the way, for women who have often never used a product like this, you should just say it's alot like painting your nails, several light coats, let it dry and then top with clear coat. Thank you for everything."

B. Goodwin
Madison , GA
"I just wanted to drop a line and thank you for a great site and a great product. You made it easy to find my color, and easy to order. I received my product in the time you stated. I also greatly appreciated the e-mails I received stating you received my order and also that my product had shipped. It was nice to know I wasn't just another order! Your product arrived, and I used it on a little rock chip. I was flawless! My wife could not even find where the original chip was. Thanks again, keep up the great work."

K. Miller
Rapid City, SD
"I would like to thank you for your tips on how to repair a minor scratch, I followed them, and now, it looks like it was never a scratched there! I look at my friends and laugh when I see what a bad job they did by just applying a one time thick coat, with no clear coat! Thanks to your tips, I got a professional look :)"

A. Hoorfar
Los Angeles, CA
"After searching all the major auto parts stores, I failed to find the discontinued touch-up paint for my 1990 Caddy . Even the Cadillac dealerships declared the eleven year old paint color obsolete. After a quick internet search... PaintScratch.Com to the rescue. The all inclusive kit contained an exact match paint color for my slate-gray Caddy, which is just one of the many paint colors available in the ever changing, multiple color, Cadillac line of colors. Delivery was speedy. Nice job Collin!"

T Parks
"Receiving a high estimate for the body work -- he decided to tackle the job himself. I found your site--but still was reluctant that a spray can clearcoat application would match the professional finish the van received at the factory. So I went to another body repair facility and received a quote for just painting the already repaired door. The estimate was $300.!!!!!!!!!!! I then decided to order your product for approx. $55 investment--and if the finish didn't look quite right we'd forego the professional services of a body repair shop. Well, I can't tell you how good your product worked. My husband followed the directions and I defy anyone to show me where the repair paint work was done. I'm not the type of person to write back to suppliers either--but I was so amazed at how good the paint looks that I just wanted to thank you. Your product saved us hundreds of dollars !!!"
Thanks again
Ashland, OR
"I had a small crack to repair in a running board on my '95 Ford conversion van. A local body shop gave me an estimate of nearly $500, but with a $250 deductible, I felt that I could fix it myself, if only I could find the matching paint, which was Ford's FF - Dark Berry metallic. Little did I know that this color would be impossible to find in local auto parts retailer. The major touch-up manufacturers (Dupli-color and Plasti-cote) don't even show this color is available. Frustrated by their limitations, browsing the web led me to Paintscratch, where I was able to find the exact color code. It matched beautifully and I thought you should know, I am very satisfied with your product and the ease at which it was ordered and received, and most importantly, the results."

Concord, MI
"Just wanted to say a big Thank you to Paintscratch. Your paint and clearcoat were perfect matches. Can't even tell where the chip was anymore. Also I appreciated all of the tips and advice contained in your follow-up emails. It's nice to see a company that really cares."

M. Pelletier
Wakefield, MA
"To all the team at Paintscratch"
My paint arrived within a week I have just tried it out. The match is absolutely perfect. I am so very pleased with the results you'd never know where the scratch was. Thank you, you're fantastic I will be recommending your services to anyone who will listen!

S Hulme
"Thanks for the shipment. The paint matches perfectly, and for a fraction of the price if I would have to get it mixed from a local body shop, not to mention spraying equipment rental. Thanks, and keep up the good work."

K. Babu
Troy , NY
"Your response to my emails and quality of ordering is exceptional. Be assured that Ill be recommending you guys to anyone that wants to do this type of work. One individual at work is restoring his 94 Camaro and Ill be sure to tell him what great experience Ive had with your ordering process and customer support. Looking forward to using your products."
E Molieri
Altamonte Springs , FL
Dear Ms. Corzoni
"Thank you for your recent E-mail to Chevrolet. I am pleased to hear that you are ordering the 2001 Suburban! The name of the color that you are referring to is Redfire Metallic. Unfortunately, we do not yet have any samples of the 2001 model colors here at the Customer Assistance Center. The only suggestion that I can offer is to visit the following website: Please be aware that this website is not directly affiliated with General Motors, so I cannot guarantee that their sample will be exact; however, I have found the website to be reliable, and have never received any complaints from customers that I have recommended this website to. If we can be of further assistance, please contact the Customer Assistance Center at (800)222-1020. Have a great day!"
Mandy Langford
GM Internet Response Center
"I purchased the I scratch repair kit for my (new to me) 2011 Lexus RX 350. I didn't notice how just many scratches my car had until I drove it home and saw it in the sunlight. My husband and I brought it to a body shop for an estimate. Needless to say the amount of money they were talking about was not in the budget. I'd figure I'd research and try something in my own. I figured the scratches couldn't get any worse than what they were already if I tried to remedy the situation myself. My husband agreed but forewarned me that most of the stuff out there are just gimmicks. I found your website by just searching the internet and took a chance. I just finished the driver side of my car and it looks 110% better! It took me about a week to get do all of the steps, follow directions and take my time. Both my husband and son were very impressed on how all the scratches seemed to vanish. Thank you for selling such an awesome product! You have two customers for life! My husband just found a scratch on his car so he'll be ordering a kit too. I will be sure to share excellent experience with my friends and co-workers. Thank you so much!"

R Weaver - June 2014
Albany, NY
"Great web site !!! So easy to use and had the products I was looking for including the clear coat"

G.D. - June 2014
Paso Robles, CA
"It was a great site. I am really happy that someone (you) still makes a stock paint color for a vehicle that is almost 50 years old. Thank you."

C.S - June 2014
Fairfax, VA
"It was easy to use, if my paint is good, I will use you again."

A.J. - May 2014
Sacramento, CA
"Your site was amazingly easy to navigate. I have a blue 2005 Toyota Rav 4 and I've been to a number of sites and they just couldn't match the same vibrant shade of blue my car is. But with your site it was as easy as 1, 2, 3. Thank you"

N.S. - May 2014
Lawrenceville, NJ
"Perfect color match, Thank You!"

G.K. - May 2014
Minnetonka, MN

D.F. - May 2014
Virginia Beach, VA
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Customer Testimonials

"Fantastic product! Excellent service! Color match on the original order was perfect, just wish I had bought enough paint the first time! Thank You."
R Messina
Grand Prairie , TX
"Received touch up paint several days ago. It was a perfect match. I wish I had found your company months earlier. Thanks"
R. Freddi
Forest Hills , NY
"Just wanted to say thank you. I took my time painting it and it looks great! A very close match. That mid-coat can be tricky to apply! Thanks again!"
S. Maleki
Clermont , FL

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