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Affiliate #: The market for touch up paint is exploding! Become part of our success by becoming one of our affiliate partners by placing our banner ad on your web page. Simply follow the easy instructions below and you will receive a confirming email with your affiliate number. Then, use the log in at the left to start making profits!
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Once you fill out the form below, we will evaluate your information and email you back when you are approved. Currently we are paying $2.50 for every order coming from your site. There is no cost to you and placing the banner on your site is easy! For complete instructions, go to the PaintScratch Affiliate Instructions. Sorry, but you cannot use your own affiliate number to place orders! See additional terms and conditions of the PaintScratch Affiliate Program.

You must have a PayPal account to become a PaintScratch affiliate. We only make payments to our affiliates using Paypal. We do not send out checks. We will send you a paypal payment as long as you have earned at least $20.00 for the preceding sales period.

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Customer Testimonials

"Received touch up paint several days ago. It was a perfect match. I wish I had found your company months earlier. Thanks"
R. Freddi
Forest Hills , NY
"I have used your product many times & it is always on the money. Thanks"
E. Pierce
Bennington , VT
"I just got around to using my touch up paint today and I just want to say that color match is excellent! I will purchase from your company again."
D. Romsey
Uniontown , OH

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