Mercedes-Benz EQB Touch Up Paint

Find Touch Up Paint for Mercedes-Benz EQB

PaintScratch sells Mercedes-Benz EQB touch up paint for the years listed in the table. Click your Mercedes-Benz EQB year to see available touch up paint colors.

We guarantee Mercedes-Benz EQB touch up paint will match the original factory color chip on Mercedes-Benz 's manufactured after 1996.

Touch Up Paint for Mercedes-Benz EQB

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Order Mercedes-Benz EQB paint pens, brush cap bottles, and spray cans from our secure online store. For small EQB scratches, the paint pen works well. For slightly larger Mercedes-Benz EQB scratches and chips, a brush bottle is best. For larger paint repairs, a Mercedes-Benz EQB spray paint can will deliver best results.

Helpful Resources for Your Mercedes-Benz EQB Paint Repair

Find Your EQB Color & Paint Code

Mercedes Benz used to put the color codes in random areas around their vehicles, but lately, they got smart and put them on the drivers door jamb. On older models, the code can be tough to find. When you select your Mercedes year, make and model, take a look at the diagram we have under Finding Your Color Code as the location varies by year.

What a Mercedes-Benz paint code looks like
The image below shows where you typically find your Mercedes color code.
Mercedes Color Code placement on a Mercedes-Benz Color ID tag

Format of a Mercedes-Benz Color Code

Most Mercedes Benz paint color codes are three digits long and composed of numbers only. The color code is the fourth group of numbers at the top of the color ID tag. In the example image above, the color code is "373".

The color code 373 corresponds to: Atlantic Blue

One nice thing about Mercedes is they normally keep the same color name across their models eliminating the confusion of the same color code having different names.

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