Baroque Red Metallic WA142X/G7T Touch Up Paint for 2017 Chevrolet Silverado

Baroque Red Metallic touch up paint for 2017 Chevrolet Silverado Color swatch showing approximate color of Baroque Red Metallic WA142X/G7T
Approximate color of Baroque Red Metallic touch up paint.

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Color swatch showing approximate color of Baroque Red Metallic WA142X/G7T

Baroque Red Metallic
Color Code: WA142X/G7T

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The vehicle color code will list the paint color exactly so finding it is important. In order to guarantee the accuracy of a color, paint should be ordered based on the color code. Learn where to locate your Color Identification Plate .

There can be more than one color code shown. For example, the color code '96/WA8867' listed on our site can be shown on your vehicle as '96U' or '96L' or '8867' or 'WA8867'. Often there will be a 'BC CC' before the color code. This stands for Basecoat/Clearcoat. The 'U' in the paint code means the Upper Color and the 'L' means the Lower Color. Two tone vehicles will have each color coded, i.e. '96U' and say '36L'. Also, it could be '8867L' or '8867U'.

Later Chevrolet colors can be really confusing. The color Son Of A Gun Gray has 8 different color codes. (WA139X/WA481B/WA482B/G7Q/GK1/GK2/GPF/WA527B) If you find any of these codes on your vehicle, this is your color!

Please do not order based on the color you see onscreen. Because computer and phone screens are all different, the color you see on online may not look exactly the same as the paint you receive. For more information, view the FAQ'S .

Always verify your Chevrolet color code on your vehicle before ordering. Baroque Red Metallic may go by several different names and the color sample shown above for 2017 Chevrolet Silverado is approximate.

Abalone White Tricoat WA140X/G1W Abalone White Tricoat WA472B/WA485B/GE8/GP5 Arsenal Gray Pearl (matt/wheel) WA159V Baroque Red Metallic WA142X/G7T Black Carbon Metallic (Interior) WA700S Black WA8555 Black WA8555/41/GBA Black Meet Kettle Pearl WA384A/GB8 Black Meet Kettle Pearl WA506B/WA507B/GB0/GB9 Blade Silver Metallic (wheel) WA234M Brilliant Silver Metallic (matt/wheel) WA218E Burning Hot Pearl WA425B/GGQ Cocoa (Interior) WA413P Dark Argent Metallic (Wheel Color) WA6282 Dash Gray Metallic (Interior) WA9881 Dk. Ash Gray (Interior) WA999K Dune Gray (Interior) WA514Q Dynamite Silver Metallic (matt/wheel) WA866J Edible Berries Metallic WA409B/410B//GJ3 Edible Berries Metallic WA411B/GGA/GJ6 Gasoline WA457B/GPA Gray (Wheel Color) WA6277 Jet Black (Interior) WA600R Limited Addiction Pearl WA405Y/G1E Medium Gray U441 Midnight Silver Metallic (wheel) WA263M Mineral Gray Metallic (Interior) WA202X Mineral Metallic WA433B/GJB Mink (Interior) WA210V Old Blue Eyes Metallic WA410Y/G1M Pepperdust Pearl WA441B/GMU Pepperdust Pearl WA444B/GH9 Pull Me Over Red WA130X/G7C/GG7 Pull Me Over Red WA497B/WA498B/GG2 Royal Blue Metallic WA409Y/G1K Shale (Interior) WA149B Silver Metallic WA9021 Son Of A Gun Gray Metallic WA139X/G7Q Son Of A Gun Gray Metallic WA482B/WA527B/GK2/GPF Sonoma Jewel Metallic WA412P/GCE Sparkle Silver Metallic (Wheel Color) WA9967 Sterling Silver (matt) WA569F Switchblade Silver Pearl WA636R/17/GAN Ultra Silver Metallic WA8867 Unripened Green Metallic WA136X/G7J White WA8624/50/GAZ

Additional Chevrolet paint colors may be available, especially interior, trim and wheel colors. Try searching other Chevrolet Silverado years or Submit a color request.

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