1960 Chevrolet Corvair Touch Up Paint

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Select paint based on your color code.

There can be more than one color code shown below. For example, the color code '96/WA8867' listed on our site can be shown on your vehicle as '96U' or '96L' or '8867' or 'WA8867'. Often there will be a 'BC CC' before the color code. This stands for Basecoat/Clearcoat. The 'U' in the paint code means the Upper Color and the 'L' means the Lower Color. Two tone vehicles will have each color coded, i.e. '96U' and say '36L'. Also, it could be '8867L' or '8867U'.

  • Color swatch showing approximate color of Cascade Green Poly 903A/904A/517A (1960)

    Cascade Green Poly

    Color Code: 903A/904A/517A (1960)

  • Color swatch showing approximate color of Jade Green Poly 905A/906A (1960)

    Jade Green Poly

    Color Code: 905A/906A (1960)

  • Color swatch showing approximate color of Horizon Blue Poly 910A/911A/502A (1960)

    Horizon Blue Poly

    Color Code: 910A/911A/502A (1960)

  • Color swatch showing approximate color of Royal Blue Poly 912A/913A/502A (1960)

    Royal Blue Poly

    Color Code: 912A/913A/502A (1960)

  • Color swatch showing approximate color of TascoTurquoise Poly 915A/916A/504A (1960)

    TascoTurquoise Poly

    Color Code: 915A/916A/504A (1960)

  • Color swatch showing approximate color of Ermine White 936A/937A/510A (1960)

    Ermine White

    Color Code: 936A/937A/510A (1960)

  • Color swatch showing approximate color of Sateen Silver Poly 940A/944A (1960)

    Sateen Silver Poly

    Color Code: 940A/944A (1960)

Is your color not listed above? Submit a color request and we'll find it for you!

Notice: PaintScratch custom mixes each paint order to match the original factory color of your vehicle. Because your Chevrolet Corvair is 20+ years old, the paint may have faded, and we cannot guarantee a color match for any of the colors on this page. There are no refunds on paint ordered for vehicles manufactured before 1986 and we recommend you send us a part for custom matching . We will not remix this paint even if the color does not match.

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Customer Reviews

"Just wanted to let you know that an order I received for WG2 touch up matched perfectly, unlike the dealer stuff. I will definitely recommend your business. Thanks"

L GoetzEvesham , NJ

"Fantastic product! Excellent service! Color match on the original order was perfect, just wish I had bought enough paint the first time! Thank You."

R MessinaGrand Prairie , TX

"I really like your product. I was surprised on how well the paint matched my car considering that it faded over time. Great job."

S. ElliottLombard , IL
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