A happy camper and customer…

Here is a message from a happy customer who refinished a 1998 Jeep Wrangler hardtop with matte Spice (Code LTB) paint for Jeep hard top:


I just finished refinishing my 1998 Jeep Wrangler hard top with your products (order details below).

I have attached photos of the finished project…and the end result is better than I had anticipated! Feel free to use the photos with your adverts.

The 1998 hard top is original and was rather weather worn but no structural damage.

I used 9 cans of paint and 7 cans of clear gloss.

Process included:

  • Did not remove the top.
  • Cleaned top with Penetrol.
  • Washed the top with soap and water.
  • Used your degreaser
  • Wet sanded with 600 grit followed by mild 1000 grit wet sanding once over
  • Washed the top again and let it dry
  • I removed the rear window (unbolt) and removed two doors then taped off the areas not to be painted.
  • I put on 5 coats of base coat and used hand rubbed tac cloth in between each coat (to get of paint dust). I alternated paint application across then horizontal to give good fill in. 10 minute dry time between coats and 30 before clear coat.
  • I put on 5 coats of clear coat applied like base coat (cross spraying and tac cloth dusting). 10 minutes between coats. I let the last coat dry 24 hours
  • I kept out of direct sunlight when painting and coating.
  • Humidity was below 70%, closer to 50%. Temperature in 80’s
  • I applied a polishing compound, hand rubbed then buffed with electric buffer.
  • I then removed tape and paper.
  • I then washed the Jeep to get rid of paint dust.

I use the Jeep as a regular car and don’t pamper it…though I do most of my own maintenance and repair and upkeep. Keeps this grandpa young. : o)


A happy camper and customer…

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