The clearcoat is a clear, shiny layer of paint that is applied over the basecoat of color. It protects the paint from UV and is necessary to make the paint shine. All colors, regardless of whether they say the word "Clearcoat" in the color description will need a coat of clear over them to make the color shine. Even if the original car was painted with a single stage process, all new paints made must be made in a basecoat/clearcoat combination due to new environmental regulations. The basecoat contains the color and the clearcoat makes them shine. You can order the clearcoat on our secure web site.

Below is a sample of one of our entries in our database. Notice the Dark Green Pearl Metallic Clearcoat has the word "Clearcoat" in the color description but the Slate Gray Metallic does not. However, both colors will need the clearcoat as these colors by themselves will dry flat on your vehicle and will need the clear described above to make them shine.

  Two Tone Color Combination  4T4
         Dark Green Pearl Metallic Clearcoat  433
         Slate Gray Metallic  49B

Clearcoating Metal and Non-Metal Surfaces
The same clearcoat is used for metal and non-metal surfaces. However, for non-metal surfaces, make sure you use the SEM Adhesion Promoter under your paint. This is necessary for proper adhesion of the primer, basecoat and clearcoat to non-metal surfaces.

Same Clearcoat is used for All Paints.
The same clearcoat can be used for all paint colors.

Catalyzed Clearcoat
This clearcoat has a self contained hardener right in the can. Once the hardener is activated (by pressing down on the special pin on the bottom of the can), the hardener is released. By shaking the can for approximately two minutes, you now have an catalyzed clearcoat in a spray can which dries hard and shiny. You will not need to use rubbing compound (cutting creme) with this product. The product must be used within 24 hours after activation.

This formula contains Isocyanates and is very toxic so don't even think about spraying this product without proper respiratory protection! Make sure you use a protective respirator designed for Isocyanates. The respirators we sell on the site are approved for use with this paint.

We only recommend professionals purchase this product with spraying experience as once it is sprayed, it cannot be easily removed! You can use either clearcoat over the basecoats we sell.

Water Based Paint
Some of our formulations are now water based. At this time, we cannot make spray cans for waterbased paints. However, our clearcoat will work fine over the waterbased paint.

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