2015 Domestic and Foreign Vehicles Color Identification Plate Location

The only way to accurately order touch-up paint is to know the color code for your vehicle. You may be lucky and own say a 2015 Subaru that lists only one color of white. However, you still need to verify the color code as perhaps the white shown on our site was not the white used on your vehicle! On the other hand, you could own a 2015 F-Series which lists numerous red colors and deciding which one from looking at the colors shown is impossible. For example, a Red Metallic Clearcoat and a Garnet Red Metallic Clearcoat look very similar on the screen, but can look VERY different on your car. In this case, you must find the color code for your vehicle.

All vehicles carry a color identification plate that is located in various places on the vehicle depending on the model. Use the picture below to locate the color identification plate for your vehicle. Next, find the colors for your vehicle and look at the color codes shown for all possible colors. Write these down and go out to you vehicle and check for the correct code. If the color of your car doesn't seem to match the color shown on your computer but the color code matches, then you have correctly identified the color. We manufacture the touch up paint according to the color code, NOT color names.

Sometimes these codes can be tricky to find. For example, on some cars, the color code is located in the trunk as shown below, but it actually is under the trunk carpet next to the spare tire. These locations are starting points.  They can even vary on the same models!

2015 Domestic Vehicles

Domestic/Foreign Color codes
Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep 1
Fiat 1,7,10
Ford 1
General Motors 3,4,5,6,7,9
International Truck 8.9
Tesla 1
1 Drivers Door Jamb
2 Passenger Door Jambr
3 Firewall
4 Trunk Lid
5 Spare Tire Wheel Wellr
6 Strut Towers(s)
7 Underhood radiator support
8 Dirver/Passenger Side Engine Compartment
9 Glove Box
Chevrolet Color Plate gm id
Chrysler Color Plate chrysler id
Ford Color Plate ford id
Ford, Lincoln and Mercury owners, take  note! Look for the words "Exterior Paint Colors" below. Right above it (not below!) is the color code. You would think the color code would be 54D. But the actual color code is ABOVE the words and is 19. ford id  

2015 Foreign Vehicles

Domestic/Foreign Color codes
BMW/Mini 2,6
Honda/Acura 1
Hyundai/Genesis 1
Jaguar/Land Rover 1,3,5
Kia 1
Mazda 1
Mercedes Benz/Smart 1
Mitsubishi 1,3
Nissan/Infiniti 1,3
Porsche 1,3
Scion 1
Smart 1,8
Suzuki 1,3,8
Toyota/Lexus 1
Volkswagen/Audi 8
Volvo 1,3,7

1 Drivers Side Door / B Pillar
2 Drivers Side Strut Tower
3 Rear Wall Engine Compartment
4 Core Support-underneath cover panel by radiator
5 Passenger Side Shock Tower
6 Passenger Side Strut Tower
7 Passenger Side Door / Rear Face
8 Trunk Lid / Trunk Area

Special note on 2015 Honda and Acura. You must find your color tag and look for the factory code. It can be
listed by the color code or elsewhere on the tag. This code is the factory code and is part of the paint color. For example, the color below would be listed as B-89P-A on our site because of the letter A. This letter will usually only be A-Z or 1-9

honda/acura id
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