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Select your color based only on your color code (click for where to find your color code)

Jeep vehicle color codes can be preceded by a letter such as P or Q. For example if you are looking for color code W7/GW7, it may appear on your vehicle as PW7/GW7 or QW7/GW7 or RW7/GW7, etc.
Some of the colors below may be followed by the word mattt, i.e. Color Description (matt) . These are trim or bumper colors.

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  Color Code: 0T Low Gloss Black Accent Color
  Color Code: 2D Deep Night Blue Clearcoat
  Color Code: 3A Almond Beige
  Color Code: 3B Sebring Red Clearcoat
  Color Code: 3C Garnet Metallic Clearcoat
  Color Code: 3D Sterling Metallic Clearcoat
  Color Code: 4C Ice Blue Metallic Clearcoat
  Color Code: 4D Champagne Metallic Clearcoat
  Color Code: 4L Adriatic Blue Pearl Metallic Clearcoat
  Color Code: 5B Medium Green Metallic Clearcoat
  Color Code: 5C Red Metallic Clearcoat
  Color Code: 5D Dark Honey Metallic Clearcoat
  Color Code: 5E Dark Brown Metallic Clearcoat
  Color Code: 9B Olympic White
  Color Code: P1 Classic Black Clearcoat

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Important note:

Because these colors are so old, we cannot guarantee a match. There are No Refunds and we recommend you send us a part for custom matching. We will not remix this paint even if the color does not match.

hints for choosing your color
  • Always verify your color code on your vehicle! Do not order paint based on the paint name or color samples shown above.
  • If you can't find your color code listed above, fill out a color request form.
  • There can also be additional colors, especially interior, trim and wheel not shown above.
  • Most orders are processed and shipped within five business days. Look at our shipping map for information on how long it will take to receive your order.
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