1990 Isuzu Stylus Touch Up Paint

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Select paint based on your color code.

Isuzu paint codes first show the paint code, then a interior trim code which is not part of the color code. For example, the color code '678/B412' listed on our site means that this color can be coded as either '678' or 'B412'. On your vehicle, you may see for example, '678/T104, 678/B260' or 'B412/T104, B412/B260'. Again, '678' is the color code and the 'T104' is not part of the color code at all. The same would go for 'B412'. So look at the first grouping in the color code and match it up to the colors shown below. Some Isuzus use General Motors color coding so take a look at a sample GM vehicle for additional notes.

  • Color swatch showing approximate color of Cameo White 808

    Cameo White

    Color Code: 808

  • Color swatch showing approximate color of Mulberry Metallic 816

    Mulberry Metallic

    Color Code: 816

  • Color swatch showing approximate color of Sky Blue Metallic 823

    Sky Blue Metallic

    Color Code: 823

  • Color swatch showing approximate color of Silver Beige Metallic 824

    Silver Beige Metallic

    Color Code: 824

  • Color swatch showing approximate color of Ebony Black 826

    Ebony Black

    Color Code: 826

  • Color swatch showing approximate color of Iron Gray Metallic 849

    Iron Gray Metallic

    Color Code: 849

  • Color swatch showing approximate color of Claret Red 865

    Claret Red

    Color Code: 865

Is your color not listed above? Submit a color request and we'll find it for you!

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