2000 Chevrolet Suburban Touch Up Paint

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Chevrolet codes can be confusing! For example, the color code 96/WA8867 listed on our site can be shown on your vehicle as 96U or 96L or 8867 or WA8867. Often there will be a BC CC before the color code. This stands for Basecoat/Clearcoat. The U in the paint code means the Upper Color and the L means the Lower Color. Two tone vehicles will have each color coded, i.e. 96U and say 36L. Also, it could be 8867L or 8867U.

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  Color Code: 11/WA382E Pewter Metallic Clearcoat
  Color Code: 14/WA391E Storm Gray Metallic Clearcoat
  Color Code: 17/WA331D Silvermist Metallic Clearcoat
  Color Code: 18/WA9795 Dark Green Gray Metallic Clearcoat
  Color Code: 39/WA9792 Indigo Metallic Clearcoat
  Color Code: 41/WA8555 Black Clearcoat
  Color Code: 50/WA8624 White Clearcoat
  Color Code: 51/WA334D Dark Toreador Metallic Clearcoat
  Color Code: 60/WA398E Gold Metallic Clearcoat
  Color Code: 68/WA566F Meadow Green Metallic Clearcoat
  Color Code: 68/WA507F Meadow Green Metallic Clearcoat
  Color Code: 69/WA381E Copper Metallic Clearcoat
  Color Code: 72/WA526F Redfire Metallic Clearcoat
  Color Code: 74/WA9260 Red Clearcoat
  Color Code: WA5222 Bordeaux Red Pearl Clearcoat
  Color Code: WA9967 Sparkle Silver Metallic (Wheel Color)

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hints for choosing your color
  • Always verify your color code on your vehicle! Do not order paint based on the paint name or color samples shown above.
  • If you can't find your color code listed above, fill out a color request form.
  • There can also be additional colors, especially interior, trim and wheel not shown above.
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