1957 Dodge Trucks Touch Up Paint

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Select paint based on your color code.

The color code plate will be either on the drivers door jamb or under the hood on the radiator support. Dodge vehicle color codes can be preceded by a letter such as P or Q. For example if you are looking for color code 'W7/GW7', it may appear on your vehicle as 'PW7/GW7' or 'QW7/GW7' or 'RW7/GW7', etc. The actual color code is W7. Some of the colors may be followed by the word 'matt', i.e. Color Description (matt). These are trim or bumper colors.

  • Color swatch showing approximate color of Pacific Blue C-1256-E (1957)

    Pacific Blue

    Color Code: C-1256-E (1957)

  • Color swatch showing approximate color of Ecuador Blue C-2035-E (1957)

    Ecuador Blue

    Color Code: C-2035-E (1957)

  • Color swatch showing approximate color of Ponchartrain Green C-3112- (1957)

    Ponchartrain Green

    Color Code: C-3112- (1957)

  • Color swatch showing approximate color of Bayview Green C-3173-E (1957)

    Bayview Green

    Color Code: C-3173-E (1957)

  • Color swatch showing approximate color of Stone Gray C-5139-E (1957)

    Stone Gray

    Color Code: C-5139-E (1957)

  • Color swatch showing approximate color of Dodge Red No.3 C-7021-E (1957)

    Dodge Red No.3

    Color Code: C-7021-E (1957)

  • Color swatch showing approximate color of Omaha Orange C-7060 (1957)

    Omaha Orange

    Color Code: C-7060 (1957)

  • Color swatch showing approximate color of Bermuda Coral C-7073-E (1957)

    Bermuda Coral

    Color Code: C-7073-E (1957)

  • Color swatch showing approximate color of Mojave Beige C-8047-E (1957)

    Mojave Beige

    Color Code: C-8047-E (1957)

Is your color not listed above? Submit a color request and we'll find it for you!

Notice: PaintScratch custom mixes each paint order to match the original factory color of your vehicle. Because your Dodge Trucks is 20+ years old, the paint may have faded, and we cannot guarantee a color match for any of the colors on this page. There are no refunds on paint ordered for vehicles manufactured before 1986 and we recommend you send us a part for custom matching . We will not remix this paint even if the color does not match.

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