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Posted by: Sorin Posted on: October 27th, 2004, 9:25pm


Someone  stoled my mirroir.
I ordered a new mirroir but it cames in plastic black.
My mirroirs are painted in my car original color.
My car is Vw Jetta 2001 and the color  is not a metalic color.

What do i need to order to paint my new mirroir to match the rest of my car ?


Posted by: admin Posted on: November 1st, 2004, 5:14pm
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Rubberized Bumper (or any non-metal part) Repair

Most modern bumpers are made out of a rubberized material. If the paint and primer has been scraped off, the bare  bumper surface will need to be primed. If you order primer on our site and select the box: (on our order form)

Paint for a flexible bumper or non-metal surface.

we will send you the correct rubberized primer. The rubberized primer can only be used on non-metal surfaces. We also add a special flex agent to the clearcoat to be used on these non-metal surfaces. Please note we do not add flex to the basecoat. The clearcoat with flex can be used on both metal and non-metal surfaces even if has flex in it. You just don't want to use clearcoat without flex on flexible bumpers or non-metal surfaces. Fiberglass parts do not need a flex agent.

Getting the bumper ready for paint
If the bumper has lots of scratches, sand the entire bumper down, apply primer and sand smooth and then apply the paint. Primer is excellent for filling small scratches. You can also use spot putty to fill deeper scratches. Be sure to prime over the spot putty before painting. For tears in the bumper, use our bumper repair kit. For dented areas, you can use the body filler we sell.

We recommend: (Check the box for flexible bumper as shown above)
- 12.5 oz. primer spray for ANY unpainted surfaces or to fill and smooth the surface.
- 12.5 oz. basecoat spray can. One can covers six square feet. (Tricoat paints have a basecoat and midcoat.)
- 12.5 oz. clearcoat spray can. One can covers six square feet.
- Rubbing compound (Used for polishing the clearcoat)
- Tack Rag (Used for removing dust before painting)
- Sandpaper pack (Used for sanding the primer, paint, etc.)
- Acrylic Lacquer Thinner (Good for cleanup and paint removal)
- Wax and Grease remover. (Removes wax and grease from the surface you are painting)

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