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Posted by: D_Bat Posted on: June 30th, 2004, 6:49am

I was just wondering how well the spray cans spray compared to the traditional air compressor and spray bottle.  I don't have a air compressor nore do i have a spray gun so I was considering buying a few bottles of the spray and sanding down my car and repainting it. 

Are these spray cans good enough to do a good if not excellent job on the car if the hands and person doing it are good enough?? 

I will be doing the car in the same color as it is now so i will only be doing the main exterior of the body. 

Any information would be greatly apprecaited.

Posted by: admin Posted on: June 30th, 2004, 5:36pm
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If you are repainting an entire car, I would not recommend spray cans. However, if you are doing a smaller area such as a fender, bumper cover, etc. you can do a very nice job with the spray cans. It does take a bit of practice (even a regular spray gun w/compressor takes lots of practice!) to make it look nice and that is why we always recommend practice using the spray can first before using it on your vehicle.

The nice thing about this paint is you can sand out any imperfections and reapply the paint and/or clearcoat. Then you can buff the finish out to a nice shiny surface.

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