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Posted by: nishalp Posted on: September 22nd, 2005, 7:18am

Well  I finally got off and primed / painted my two door mirrors.  Now after letting the 1st coat of basecoat dry for 2 days (due to rain), I decided to put the final coat of paint.  After about 1 hour when the paint was dry I started to apply the clearcoat.  I did one spray of clearcoat and let it dry for about 15 minutes and then did a second coat.  Well two things happened, one the clearcoat became hazy (The metalic color in the paint went away) and also, I think the base coat paint melted underneath in some spots.

1. How long do I need to wait for basecoat to dry before spraying clearcoat?
2. When doing clearcoat, how much do I spray on in a coat?  Do I have to spray enough to make a liquid smooth look when wet or just light spray coats?
3. Is they any way to salvage what I currently have?  Or do I need to sand down to the primer again?  Can I just sand enough to get the haze off and then basecoat / clear coat again?


Patel :'(

Posted by: admin Posted on: October 30th, 2005, 12:10am
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Just scuff the clearcoat down and reapply a little basecoat and follow up with clearcoat. Each coat should be a full weat coat. Let the basecoat dry for at least 2 hours up to 24 hours then spray the clearcoat.

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