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  Author    Duplicolor Lacquer vs Auto Spray  (currently 1 views)
Posted on: October 9th, 2006, 11:28pm Quote Report to Moderator
Baby Member

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Can someone explain the difference between these products to me? I was a bit surprised to open my order and find Dupli-Color for the clear coat. If I had known it was this brand, I would have purchased it locally... as it is sold in stores.

PaintScratch sells DPL106 CLEAR, which is the Professional line lacquer. Dupli-Color also offers these:

T125 Top Coat - Truck, Van & SUV Clear Top Coat
DS125 Clear Top Coat - Auto Spray Clear Top Coat

Does the DPL106 have any advantages over the other two? This product doesn't specify anywhere that it is intended for automotive use, while T125 and DS125 are both sold with automotive painting and touch-up in mind.

The automotive lines of Dupli-Color both also suggest providing a deep glossy finish after applying, requiring no rubbing compound... although I'm sure some rubbing/polishing compound could be used to smoothen the finish out.

Any thoughts?
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Posted on: October 11th, 2006, 8:21pm Quote Report to Moderator
Team Member Administrator

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As you can see on our site we clearly show the Dupli-Color product:


There isn't much difference between these products, but you could use
DPL106 CLEAR with an activator, but only in a pro paint booth.
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