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Posted by: cwong19 Posted on: August 10th, 2006, 5:58pm


I have some rust on my quarter panel. The rust is located beside the wheel which is right beside the door panel. This is what I am planning to do:

1) Sand down the paint and rust with 60 grit sandpaper
2) Apply some rust convert
3) Apply primer
4) Sand with 800 grit sandpaper, and then paint base and clear coat.

My question is:
1) Before I apply the base coat, how should I scuff my existing paint that is around the rust area?
2) Should I blend the paint into my door panel since the area that I am gonna paint is right beside the door panel?
3) I was told that I should apply clear coat to the whole quarter panel and door panel, is this right?
4) If so, do I need to scuff the entire quarter panel and door panel before applying clear coat over the entire two panels?

Thanks alot for the help, greatly appreciate it!!


Posted by: admin Posted on: August 11th, 2006, 8:18pm
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1) Use 1000 grit sandpaper or a fine scotchbrite pad.

2) and 3) Always paint to an edge if you can. Otherwise blend the paint.

4) Yes. Once again use 1000 grit sandpaper or a fine scotchbrite pad.

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