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Posted by: ls1bandit Posted on: August 10th, 2005, 12:37am

i have sanded down and repainted my quarter panel 3 times and every time the same thing happens, where i did the bondo work turns out wavy and looking like crap, and you cant see it until you put on the basecoat, i ran out of paint so i just said screw it but damn is there any easy way to see if the panel is straight because i swear before i spray the primer/basecoat that it is straight as can be then it ends up looking wavy and crappy.  I just cant figure it out and im tired of doing it over and over.

Posted by: admin Posted on: August 18th, 2005, 2:52pm
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The professionals who do this every day make it look easy, but body work is really more like an art than a skill. One thing you can do is prime the area, and then spray the area with black paint, very lightly, so a sprinkling of black paint appears over the primer. Now sand the area down and anywhere the black paint is still showing, you know you have a low spot.

If you are really getting frustrated, find a freelance body person to finish that part of the job.

Posted by: stude Posted on: August 20th, 2006, 4:42pm
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A sure way to do it is sand the area a little large than what is repaired useing whats called a cross hatch. Use a flat piece of wood with sand paper attached to it and with it flat on the surface starting low left move it to upper right in one direction lifting off the surface at the end of the stroke.The sandpaper scratches should be at a 45 degree angle. DO NOT USE SANDING BOARD IN 2 DIRECTIONS One direction only lower left toward upper right lift off surface and go back to lower left. Work the strokes from left to right overlap strokes about one third. When the entire area is covered all the sanding scratches should be going in one direction. Now change directions starting lower right to upper left again lifting off surface at the end of the stroke working the strokes from right to left overlap about one third. You should now see highs and lows continue this direction untill all the scratches are in one direction at a 45 degree angle from lower right to upper left. DO NOT WIPE DUST OFF WITH BARE HAND wear a glove or use air. Now change direction back to starting with lower left to upper right. Remember moce the sanding board in one direction lifting at the end of each stroke. When you think it looks flat switch to a finer grit paper and repeat the method.

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