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Posted by: iceveiled Posted on: July 4th, 2004, 8:11am

Here's what a nasty confrontation with a brick wall will do - after two years.

I want to tackle the job myself..I got quoted around $700 to fix that.� I believe i can save a couple hundred by buying stuff from this site and taking my time to ensure I do a good job.� What all do you think I'd need?� As you can see there is a spot about .5" long that has become rusty..but it's a very mild rust. The rest are just deep scratches.

and of course I'll warm up with stuff like in the pic below, which I assume I will just need a paint pen and a clear coat pen??

^(rear bumper)

Any advice would be helpful.� Your site came recommened by a friend of mine.��


Posted by: admin Posted on: July 6th, 2004, 6:49am
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You should order the spray can of basecoat and clearcoat and then follow the directions given on the site at:

Sand the area smooth and treat the rust areas with our rust converter. If the scratches are really deep (and they look pretty deep from the picture), use spot putty to fill the scratches. Prime the area and follow the painting instructions. You should be able to do a nice job on this. The smoother the underlying surface, the nicer the final finish will look. Wetsanding is the best way to get a surface smooth for painting.

The rear bumper may be too big for a paint pen, but from the picture is was hard to tell how big it was. The paint pens are great for small nicks and scratches so once you clean the area, you can decide what you need. You can also read for more information on what you should order.

Please send us your after pictures!

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