Keeping the Paint Flexible

Spraying non-metal surfaces
In order to keep the clearcoat from peeling and checking on non-metal surfaces such as rubberized bumpers, the very first layer of paint should be the SEM Adhesion Promoter. This product provides a foundation for the primer, basecoat and clearcoat and promotes the adhesion of these layers.  This makes the paint properly adhere to bumpers, plastic parts, trim, etc. Because bumpers are made of a flexible material, the clearcoat can easily crack and peel off without this layer of paint in place. The clearcoat can be used on both metal and non-metal parts.

SEM Adhesion Promoter is ONLY required for Spray Painting
If you are using the paint pen or brushing the paint, the flex is not needed.

Our automotive primer works on both metal and non-metal surfaces.

Metal and Non-Metal Surfaces
You can use the same clearcoat for metal and non-metal surfaces.