Lighten/Darkening Paint

Customers often tell us the paint looked fine until they applied the clearcoat which darkened the basecoat paint. Because the basecoat dries flat, it can look like a good match until you apply the clearcoat. Clearcoats normally will make the basecoat somewhat darker.

If you are using the paint pen or brushing on the paint, (hopefully you have read our directions) you should only try to repair a small area. It can be difficult to achieve an undetectable repair on areas larger than a pencil eraser. Metallic matches can be very difficult due to how the metallic flake lays down. Even an exact match can look very different when it is brushed on. Anything larger than a pencil eraser should be sprayed.

If you are spraying the paint with our spray cans or your own spray gun, you can control how light or dark the clearcoat makes the underlying basecoat. To lighten the basecoat color, spray farther away and apply a mist of paint. To darken the basecoat, you spray closer with heavier coats. Not all paints can be changed this way so do practice off the car and try it with the paint you have ordered.

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