Lighten/Darkening Paint

Customers often tell us the paint looked fine until they applied the clearcoat which darkened the basecoat paint. Because the basecoat dries flat, it can look like a good match until you apply the clearcoat. Clearcoats normally will make the … Continue reading

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Bike Frame Fiasco

This past week, we had a customer who wanted to match his bike frame. He wanted to send us a picture of the bike so we could match it. After emailing back several times, “we cannot match from a picture” … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Customers

Take a look at these two comments: “Just finished spraying your paint and everything has come out beautiful. Great match and customer service. Thanks again! Jason ” “My paint repair came out terrible. The color didn’t match and your employees … Continue reading

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Paint Thinner

One of the unsung heros of our site is automotive lacquer thinner (paint thinner). Ordering paint without having some thinner around is not a good decision. Here is why. 1) Thinner is great for cleanup. Spilling paint is no fun … Continue reading

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Paint Pens

Of all the products we sell, the paint pen causes the most controversy with our customers. Some customers swear by them and others swear at them. I happen to really like the paint pens, but they have their limitations. The … Continue reading

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Color Mismatches

I’m often asked why the colors we mix sometimes don’t match. This can be quite frustrating for you, the customer, and I wish there was a way to avoid it 100% of the time. Here is why this is not … Continue reading

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